The Ooh-la-lash Experience

A safe, non-surgical technique that makes your lashes look longer, fuller, and thicker… even when you’re not wearing make-up!

1. What sets Ooh la lash apart from other lash boutiques?

  • We are not the most expensive, nor are we the cheapest. We decided that we wanted to be the very best eyelash extensionists and that is our main goal each day. We currently have over 1,000+ happy clients.
  • We have been specializing in this service since 2010. We have built a highly regarded reputation where clients know that they will only have the best quality products used under clean and sanitized conditions in a caring, fun, friendly and relaxed environment.

2. Where we are different because we take the time and care for your natural lashes. How do we do this?

  • During ‘fills’ when we remove the extensions we take the time and use a gel remover, which dissolves the glue and the extension slides off without damaging the natural lash.
  • We DO NOT cut (splice) the extensions off the natural lashes and we DO NOT stack lashes. Stacking is a lazy way of ‘filling’ where old extensions are removed and new single lashes are stacked on top of existing old extensions.

3. How do I select a salon to have my eyelash extensions put on?

  • Over the last few years we have seen numerous salons add ‘lash services’ to their menu, only to receive frantic calls from people who trusted their lashes to a technician that received certification after taking a one day class. All of our technicians are CERTIFIED ADVANCED STYLISTS with Xtreme Lash, to ensure that your extensions not only look beautiful but are also comfortable and healthy for your lash line.

4. I just went to a different salon, so how do I know if the salon I went to put them on correctly?

  • We get these phone calls all of the time, people have been to a salon but they are not sure if it was done correctly because they hurt!
  • Do you feel any poking, pulling, or tickling at the lash line? If so, your extensions need to be removed as they are incorrectly applied and can over time cause permanent lash loss!
  • It is important that there is no stress to your natural lashes. At Ooh la lash, we believe in aggressively guarding the health of your lash line, because the better your lashes are, the more lashes we can apply thereby creating a thick, lush lash line, which is our signature look.

5. How else do we differ to everyone else?

  • When we do our ‘fills’ we still take up to 1 hour as we take the time and ensure that any extension that has grown out or has grown crooked following the direction of the natural lash or just isn’t sitting correctly we remove it. The truth is we remove a lot of old extensions at each ‘fill’ and will always leave with a beautiful full set of fresh lashes.
  • Be assured at Ooh la lash we do not take short cuts, we do not cut costs and we care about our client’s eyelashes.


Natalie Costa - founder of Ooh La Lash

Ooh La Lash Premade Russian Volume fans Lash line. After years of success in the lash industry, her passion for high-quality lash application and products continues to grow.



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