Our Fav Halloween Looks

It’s every girls favourite time of year. It’s fall and that means it is Halloween. So we are giving the low down on the best looks for Halloween makeup for this year’s celebrations!     The Cat Always a classic look for any girl. Butterfly We absolutely love the butterfly eye. It is simple yet so detail oriented. Spider Nothing is more Halloween that a spider eye. Deer We are quite “fawn’d” of this look. Very simple makeup tutorials are on Youtube for this look. Cat Woman What is more sexy then a full leather outfit? Super Woman Girl Power! The Joker We love this take on the classic Joker version. Why let all the boys have all the fun? Pumpkin Self explanatory. This is everything Halloween. Spider Woman/Man Again, don’t let the boys have all the fun! Leopard We love this modern, funky take on the classic jungle cat. Flapper Girl Everyone loved the roaring 20’s. Such a classic look. Unicorn There are so many pretty options you can do with this look. Owl You won’t see this look everywhere, and that is why we love it. It takes a different spin on the classic animal dress up. Mermaid I think every girl wants to be a mermaid at one point in their life. So this is your perfect opportunity.   Every single look we have described here is going to make you stand out at your Halloween party. What is better than original makeup and outfit? Add lashes. Our dramatic lashes will add that extra wow to your Halloween costume. Book today!

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