How To Keep Your Lashes Looking Fab Longer

How To Keep Your Lashes Looking Fab Longer

Everyone wants to get the most out of their lashes and their money, and we get it. So, we compiled a short list of small things you can do to keep your lashes looking as fresh as possible for the longest amount of time.
  • Do not brush your lashes for 24 hours after application. We brush them for you during application to ensure only the strongest lashes stay adhered to your own lashes. After completion we will brush them aggressively to ensure they look just right and dry the correct way. Let them fully dry before brushing them again.
  • Shower before you come visit us. We don’t appreciate your body odor. Kidding! Showering before you come to see us prevents you from showering immediately when you get home. Try to wait 24-48 hours after you get your lashes done to shower or wash your face.
  • Avoid tanning beds, saunas, steam rooms or anything with intense heat for 24 hours until after your lashes dry.
  • Do not touch your lashes while they are drying. You wouldn’t touch your nails while they were drying, would you? Same goes for your lashes.
  • Do not put make up on for at least 24 hours, if you can wait, then 48 hours. So, if you know you are going out Friday, come see us Wednesday or first thing Thursday morning. The oils from your makeup will damage the lashes and glue. As well as when you wash your face, it can damage your lashes.
  • When you do wash your face after 24-48 hours, do not aggressively rub your lashes when wet.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face. We know this can be hard, so if you are a side sleeper – we sell masks that can protect your lashes as well as block out any unwanted light.
  • Your natural lashes have a life span of 45 days depending on all the factors listed above. The more makeup you wear, how often you wash your face, etc will cause your natural lashes to shed more. So, it is important to keep up to date with your lash fills.
If you have any questions or concerns – don’t hesitate to ask your lash technician before your application, during or after.
Beauty from The Inside Out

Beauty from The Inside Out

The list of things I love includes (in no particular order) cheeseburgers, wine and re-watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix for the third time. However, the little voice in my head tells me that if I indulge in these things as much as I’d like to it may not be the greatest. While too many cheeseburgers will do a number on your arteries, some of your unhealthy habits are doing serious damage to your beauty routine too! In this day and age there is beauty product for everything, but there is no fix like healthy habits. Seriously, if you’ve ever watched those documentaries with vegan, marathon running, juice enthusiasts, you can literally see them glowing through the screen. So here are my tips on getting healthy on the inside to look ah-mazing on the outside.
  1. Sleep
Sleep is one of the best things you can do to look refreshed and feel refreshed. As you sleep, your body produces human growth hormones that you need to produce collagen. You need collagen for smooth, tight looking skin. Sleeping also allows your facial muscles that cause lines to relax, so a little extra shut eye could seriously reduce wrinkles. When you sleep, your blood flow also increases giving you that glowing complexion and fresh look.
  1. Exercise
We all know exercise is going to make our bodies look slimmer and more toned, but there are also other beauty benefits. Exercise gets your blood flowing allowing you to improve circulation and flush out toxins from your skin. Regular exercise also increases blood flow to your scalp giving you that luscious shiny hair you’ve been dying for!
  1. Healthy Eating
Similar to exercise, healthy eating will not only make your body look better but has some serious beauty benefits. Eating plenty of protein will give your skin the amino acids it needs to look and be healthy. And too much sugar? Awful for your teeth and your acne! Stick with sweet foods with a low glycemic index like fruits! The best foods for you skin? Avocado – for supplying your skin with healthy fats and nutrients. Tomatoes are another great food for sun damage, they contain the antioxidant lycopene that reduces the free radicals produced from sun exposure.
  1. Sunscreen
While tomatoes are great, not wearing sunscreen is a beauty no no. Of course your health is the most important thing and proper sun protection will also protect you from skin cancer, but if you need a little extra motivation, sun damage is also terrible for beauty. Sun exposure will cause premature aging, lines, and that leathery look with continued exposure. I know tans look amazing, I too want to look like a bikini model basking in the LA sun, but it won’t be so cute in 20 years. Be proactive and wear sunscreen! If you always forget, try and get a moisturizer or foundation with SPF protection, 30+ is ideal! And for that California glow all year long, invest in a great self tanner. Most of the good ones look completely natural (no orange palms) and are quite literally “life savers”. I wouldn’t expect you to become a gluten-free dairy-free sugar-free wheat-free yoga instructor, but consciously working on some healthy habits like these are a simple way to keep yourself looking and feeling beautiful all the time. So please, continue to gush over McDreamy with a glass of pinot, but get some sleep, try a green smoothie and toss in a light jog! Your beautiful self will thank you!


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