Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

BUT WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS?” – Every girl ever getting their picture taken. I have no idea how super models seem to look so effortless in pictures all the time. When I take a picture, it’s usually complete with awkward hands, a little bit too forced of a smile and I pick just the right angle where you can totally notice the poutine I had on cheat day. I think most women (and men!) would agree that we would pay good money to unlock the secrets of taking a great picture.
  1. Think about Perspective
Pictures are two dimensional so automatically anything closer to the camera is going to look bigger. So if you have a body part that maybe is a little larger than you want, try to angle yourself so that it is further from the camera. This doesn’t just apply to hips or mid section. I have taken way to many pictures with my hands on a table in front of me and it looks like an alien is trying to reach out of the picture. When you pull everything away from the foreground it is immediately shrunken.
  1. Strike a pose (with your hair)
So many times I have taken great pictures and then realize my hair is doing some weird half forward half backward mullet dance. Not cute. Remember to pose your hair too! Putting it in a determined place will make your pictures more polished and less just got out of bed
  1. Chin Forward Chest Up
Get ready to feel like a penguin, a very photogenic penguin. Putting your chin forward and your chest up makes your posture look amazing. Your body will lengthen, making you look thinner and there will be no double chin action in this shot. This also brings more focus to your face instead of it blending into your neck.
  1. Move those arms
Unless you are some kind of crazy muscle goddess you have a cushion on the arms. It is such a common mistake to tighten the arms against the body squishing them down into a wider pancake arm. By pulling your arms away from your body you get a smoother, slender appearance.
  1. SMILE!
While amazing photos can be taken with a sexy pout, most of the time you just need to take it back to basics. A beautiful genuine smile never fails in photos. Granted, sometimes a forced smile comes off a little more “Here’s Johnny” than carefree super model. The best tip is to actually smile, get your friend or photographer to make you laugh or smile. Your genuine happy smile is guaranteed to light up the picture! Follow those 5 tips for looking picture perfect and you will be that much closer to being a Kim Kardashian level snapshot queen!
The Gym And Looking Cute

The Gym And Looking Cute

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen those Instagram stars (I’m talking to you Jen Selter) who somehow seems to look flawless when they workout. Their hair is perfect, their fitness fashion so on point and somehow they manage to make sweaty look like this perfect flushed dewy face. However, if you’re like most women (and men!) you do 5 minutes on the treadmill and look like a sad wet rat with a face that looks as red as stop sign. Now don’t get me wrong I still love to workout, it is amazing for your mental and physical health (… and I also want a Kim Kardashian booty), but I also might want to look cute while I’m doing it. One of my friends once told me that if you’re working hard enough, you shouldn’t look cute at the gym. This may be true, but I decided to go on a hunt for the best fitness beauty tips and products to help at least a little. Try a few of these and you’ll be looking a little more Kayla Itsines and a little less “Just walked across the Sahara desert”.
  1. Waterproof Mascara
I would never recommend you wear a full face of makeup to the gym. There is not product in the world that will keep it looking on point through a full round of P90X. That being said I look like I just had my high school prom last week when I don’t have any makeup on. If you can relate, or just like a flirty lash to bat at that cute personal trainer I definitely recommend waterproof mascara. Apply minimal coats for a natural, sweat friendly look.
  1. Dry Shampoo
Whether you’re working up a sweat on your lunch break or between classes, you don’t want sweaty gym hair afterwards. To freshen up use a dry shampoo. Make sure your dry shampoo leaves no white residue, especially if you have darker roots before you apply it on moist hair. Dry shampoo is a miracle for those fitness ladies on a tight schedule that don’t have time to shower after a quick workout! (Don’t forgot deodorant too!)
  1. Hydrating Cleansing Wipes
After a workout you want to maintain that post-workout glow that makes you feel like a movie star, who needs blush when you have cardio? However, getting your sweat on causes sweat and excretion of toxins that you may not want on your face. Exercise is by far one of the best natural skin treatments, but if you don’t cleanse your skin after it may cause you to break out. To stop the breakout, use a hydrating facial wipe to wash off all the sweat and keep your skin fresh. Try to use one that is moisturizing with all natural ingredients. Use these products and you will definitely be able to rock that workout selfie! But my best tip for keeping beautiful during and after the gym is always hydrate! Working out causes you to deplete important fluids that keep you feeling energized, your skin looking nourished and allow your body to repair itself after a workout. Water is definitely the not so secret formula to gym beauty! Keep posted for more tips on how to Get Beauty in our next Blog! Until then, Ill see you in spin class looking fresh and beautiful!
Beach Lashes And You

Beach Lashes And You

Who doesn’t need a vacation to get away from the cold? We would much rather be laying on a beach than putting on twenty layers just to go to the grocery store. We are here to give you some tips for your next vacation!
  • Want to get a little weekend getaway in? No problem! There are tons of destinations that are only 2-3 hours away. Check out Bermuda, Bahamas, Miami (or anywhere in Florida), or Cuba. You can get great 3-4 day deals at this time of year for these places.
  • Want to do something longer? If you want to head out on an all inclusive relaxing beach vacation – you can hit up a cruise of the Caribbean or a cruise around the islands.
  • Want to do something exotic? Stay away from those pre-planned vacation packages for overseas vacations like Thailand, etc. Generally you can do everything more cost efficiently on your own and you can play everything by ear. If you are traveling alone – then we would suggest the tours such as Contiki.
  • Don’t over pack. You are going to literally use half of what you usually pack, so save yourself the frustration of lugging your luggage all around the place.
  • Let your hair go. Nothing is better than beach hair as it saves you the time and effort of doing your hair only to then step outside and have it go wild.
  • Minimal makeup. Let your skin breath. Once you get a tan – you will love your skin tone.
  • Eyelashes! (You knew we were going here). Nothing is better than waking up and heading right to the beach. Getting your eyelashes done in advance will make your life so much easier on vacation. We can give you a full set right before you leave and they will last you through your entire vacation. Those sun kissed beach pics will be natural and beautiful, rather than making you have to fix that mascara running down your face every time you get out of the pool!
Book your vacation lash appointment today and let your vacation start early.
Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hacks

These days there is a cream, serum, gel or magic bean for everything. Want smoother skin? Thicker hair? Hide cellulite? Longer lashes? A date with George Clooney? Go to a beauty store and they will give you 20 “miracle products” that will supposedly solve all of these problems. While every woman has a few holy grail products that may actually be better than dinner with George, most of them fall flat and will cost you an arm and a leg. They may also contain some chemicals that could be toxic and harmful. Luckily there are some amazing natural beauty hacks that women have discovered and are life savers for the worst beauty problems. This way you expose yourself to less harmful chemicals and you will save a crazy amount of money. To top it off a lot of these natural beauty hacks work way better than some cosmetics. Here’s a few that you need to try ASAP. First off – Mayonnaise. While mayo may be one to avoid for fitting into those skinny jeans, it is a miracle for your hair. Mayo is made with nourishing egg yolks for a natural oil that will make you hair stronger and shinier. You also get the benefit of L-cysteine, an amino acid and antioxidant that forms keratin to make your hair stronger. For a mayo hair mask use a cup of full fat mayonnaise all over you hair and leave it in for 30 minutes. After thirty minutes, lather in shampoo to break up the oils and rinse! Can’t stand the smell of mayo? Add a teaspoon of vanilla to counteract the smell. For a trifecta of beauty genius you need to try activated charcoal. You can use it for you teeth, face and as eyeliner! Activated charcoal is a purifying agent that absorbs impurities. It’s huge surface area traps them like a sponge and will remove stains from your teeth and dirt from your pores. Here’s how to do it. You can pick up capsules of at the drug store or a health food store as they’re typically used to absorb toxins in the gut. Simply break open the capsule and mix it with a little bit of water. Then, brush the black paste onto your teeth and/or scrub it onto your face for 1-2 minutes. While you may look like you came out of a horror movie, once you rinse your skin is flawless and teeth are pearly white. However try to limit the use on your teeth, like any grainy substance too much use can wear at enamel and should not be used as a replacement for regular brushing and flossing. Have some paste left over? Use a small angled brush to use it as the best black eyeliner you’ll ever use. You won’t catch me in the land of the living without a coffee in the morning, but you’ll also never catch me in bikini season without using a coffee ground exfoliant. Coffee grounds make an amazing exfoliant, removing dry skin cells and using caffeine to increase circulation. This increase of circulation can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Combine your morning grounds with a bit of moisturizing coconut oil in the shower and scrub over your face and body. Your skin will never feel softer. The last and best smelling beauty hack that we can’t live without is an all natural DIY bronzer. Use 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, 1 teaspoon of nutmeg and 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder. Use a large powder dust to apply the mixture to your face for a natural and amazing smelling bronzer. For an all over sunless bronze, combine with lotion and apply! These remedies are amazing ways to save money, protect your body, look fabulous and feel confident! Have another natural beauty hack that you swear by? Share it in the comments!

Why Pick Ooh La Lash?

With so many different lash boutiques popping up, what makes Ooh La Lash stand out? Well, Ooh La Lash is one of the originators of the lash boutiques, as they have been around since 2010. They are also the first volume lash specialist in Canada. We got a chance to sit down with Natalie, the CEO and founder of Ooh La Lash, to ask why her volume lashes stand out. Q: What makes your specialty volume lashes so special? Natalie: There are a number of reasons! They are our signature lashes and only available at Ooh La Lash. We developed a lash that is faster and still respects the volume lashes etiquette. They are ultra light weight, so they don’t damage your lashes. Q: How do they adhere to not damage your lashes? Natalie: Well because they are light weight, our lashes sit on top of one lash. It is the same weight for three together as one regular lash. They will come off naturally, with no damage to your lashes. Q: Etiquette? I didn’t realize there was etiquette for lashes! Natalie: Oh yes! When you touch people’s lashes, get involved with their beauty, and get close to their eyes – just like any other profession, there are guidelines. Q: Ok good to know! So what do you mean by faster? Natalie: A full set of volume lashes can take around 3 hours and cost $300 and up. With our specialty lashes, we can do it in an hour and a half and our price is only $169. Q: That is amazing. So how long do these lashes last? Natalie: You should get a fill, at the longest, every 3-4 weeks. Q: How much are the fills? Natalie: $64.00 for a 40 minute fill. $89.00 for a one hour fill. Q: Thank you so much for your time Natalie. One more question. If you had to give one reason why someone should go with these volume lashes, what would it be? Natalie: They will stay full longer. Simple as that. To book your appointment today, go to the following website: http://oohlalash.ca/

Lip care in 7 magic steps

Soft, healthy pink lips lend a fresh look to your face. If you’re looking for juicy, luscious lips, read on. Generally, when we meet someone, the first thing we tend to notice is their face and lips. Soft and healthy lips can adorn your face like nothing else can. But our lips are the most sensitive part of our body and require a little TLC.


Natalie Costa - founder of Ooh La Lash

Ooh La Lash Premade Russian Volume fans Lash line. After years of success in the lash industry, her passion for high-quality lash application and products continues to grow.



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