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The Benefits of Botox

The Benefits of Botox

True story. There are a lot of benefits of Botox, not just looking younger. A lot of people nowadays are getting Botox for other reasons. Something else you might not know, here at Ooh La Lash we have a nurse on site that is certified to inject Botox.     What are the benefits of Botox?     A little Botox can make those eyebrows match but still have their own personality. It can help your droopy eyebrows become tighter and more expressive.   Botox can also help with headaches. It helps reduce migraine pain and can help you focus better at work and doing day to day tasks.   With summer coming, wouldn’t you love to sweat a little less? Botox can help you sweat less.   It helps with Bells Palsy. Do you know someone that is affected by Bells Palsy? This will help their paralyzed side of their face.   It can stop eye twitching.   It can help you squint less and minimize the negative effects of squinting. It can help reduce sensitivity to light and nausea.   By coming into Ooh La Lash and speaking with our certified Botox specialist, you can figure out a plan to help with any of the above. As well, our specialist will ensure you do not go overboard. You want your Botox to look natural and make you look younger, more refreshed.     Did you know we have opened a new location?   D SPA KINGSWAY/ETOBICOKE 4242 Dundas Street West Etobicoke, Ontario     Text to book your appointment today (416) 835-4809!  


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