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Why Pick Ooh La Lash?

With so many different lash boutiques popping up, what makes Ooh La Lash stand out? Well, Ooh La Lash is one of the originators of the lash boutiques, as they have been around since 2010. They are also the first volume lash specialist in Canada. We got a chance to sit down with Natalie, the CEO and founder of Ooh La Lash, to ask why her volume lashes stand out. Q: What makes your specialty volume lashes so special? Natalie: There are a number of reasons! They are our signature lashes and only available at Ooh La Lash. We developed a lash that is faster and still respects the volume lashes etiquette. They are ultra light weight, so they don’t damage your lashes. Q: How do they adhere to not damage your lashes? Natalie: Well because they are light weight, our lashes sit on top of one lash. It is the same weight for three together as one regular lash. They will come off naturally, with no damage to your lashes. Q: Etiquette? I didn’t realize there was etiquette for lashes! Natalie: Oh yes! When you touch people’s lashes, get involved with their beauty, and get close to their eyes – just like any other profession, there are guidelines. Q: Ok good to know! So what do you mean by faster? Natalie: A full set of volume lashes can take around 3 hours and cost $300 and up. With our specialty lashes, we can do it in an hour and a half and our price is only $169. Q: That is amazing. So how long do these lashes last? Natalie: You should get a fill, at the longest, every 3-4 weeks. Q: How much are the fills? Natalie: $64.00 for a 40 minute fill. $89.00 for a one hour fill. Q: Thank you so much for your time Natalie. One more question. If you had to give one reason why someone should go with these volume lashes, what would it be? Natalie: They will stay full longer. Simple as that. To book your appointment today, go to the following website:


Natalie Costa - founder of Ooh La Lash

Ooh La Lash Premade Russian Volume fans Lash line. After years of success in the lash industry, her passion for high-quality lash application and products continues to grow.



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